Hand made French Rifflers and Rasps

 A site dedicated to the history, manufacture & use of the classic woodworking tools, Hand Made Rifflers & Rasps by Robert Johnston (wood carver & stone sculptor)


Important Advice when buying a Riffler Rasp

As I have already explained there are varying qualities of rifflers due to the different manufacturing methods. Like anything else in life, buying cheap tools is always a false economy and you will always get what you pay for.

The cheapest rifflers are mass produced by machine. The problem with these is uneven tooth layout and irregular tooth size resulting in an uneven finish. More over, the quality of the steel and the tempering is poor, leading to a short life span.

There are in Europe a few other companies making hand stitched rifflers. These products are better than machine produced rifflers however the quality varies immensely. Poor quality hand stitching can result in irregular tooth layout and also irregular tooth size. Steel qualities and hardness also vary with these products, again affecting finish and life span.

In my opinion Liogier Hand Made Rifflers and Rasps are the finest available in the world. They are the original and oldest company making hand stitched rifflers in Europe.

The Benefits of Liogier Rifflers & Rasps

Liogier use the finest steel from St Etienne, France - The Sheffield of France
Liogier renowned steel tempering skills achieve the perfect hardness every time
Liogier cool their steel with water & a unique ingredient called 'hydrofuge'. This improves the cooling capacity of the water & thus improves the quality of hardening
Liogier craftsmen are intensively trained for a minimum of three years
Liogier riffler teeth are hand crafted to a perfectly regular size - ensuring a beautiful smooth finish
Liogier riffler teeth are hand stitched to a perfect pattern resulting in a riffler that will not scratch

Where to Buy Liogier Rifflers

When I first discovered Liogier 35 years ago I had to travel to France to buy my tools. The good news is that their fantastic rifflers and rasps are now available worldwide from a UK based company called The Tool Shop.

You can contact The Tool Shop by visiting their web site: CLICK HERE for their details